At New Life, it’s not about membership, it’s about discipleship.

Discipleship is believing in Jesus and then following Him in our daily lives.

As we read the Bible, we find six essential practices for disciples.


1) Daily Prayer –  Take time every day to intentionally be “one-on-one” with God, sharing with Him your concerns, seeking strength for your challenges, and thanking Him for your many blessings.  This is the Creator of the universe listening and reaching out to you personally.  How awesome is that! Click here to learn more.


2) Daily Bible Reading – Spend a few minutes each day with God’s Word, finding in the Bible guidance for living and continual renewal of God’s promise of eternal love and life.  In this one source we find everything we need to know about God, and through it, God speaks to His people with the turn of every page.


3) Weekly Worship – As the first thing you do each week, spend an hour giving God glory, publicly gathering with fellow believers to receive that spiritual booster shot sufficient for another seven days.  In worship we gather together to take our place in the story of God’s people, to reach out to each other as together we reach out to God.


4) Proportionate Giving – In response to the eternal blessing of salvation and in proportion to the material blessings God grants in this life, we are called to give the first portion of our material blessings back to God. Jesus promised that where our treasure is, there will our heart be as well. It’s a way of keeping any “thing” from taking God’s place in your life.


5) Serving – Serve the One who gave you life by using your life to serve others. God creates each of us with a personal set of gifts and talents, and inspires each of us with different interests and passions.  It’s meant to be used to God’s glory as we serve Him by serving others.


6) Inviting – We believe that if we have found meaning, purpose and peace through our faith in Jesus, then this is something we should share with others.  You will actually feel the power of God’s Spirit speaking through you as you invite someone to “come and see” Jesus through worship or a small group ministry. Try it!





What's New at New Life

Big Hair » BIG HAIR EVENT!   New Life Church's Senior High Youth Group (SHYG) is organizing an event to support the Prager Cancer Assistance Fund and Locks of Love and Pantene: Beautiful Locks! We want *YOU* to donate your hair or shave your head for such an amazing cause!! All the money raised will go to support local patients currently undergoing treatment for cancer. Can't donate your hair? There are still things you can do to support the cause!1) DONATE DONATE DONATE!! Donate to help the cancer patients!2) Come and see! Watch everyone shaving their heads and cutting their hair the day of the event at New Life! Come support them, as this is hard for some of them to do.3) Invite! Even if you cannot make it the day of the event, invite your friends! Invite your enemies! Invite everyone you know!4) Pray! Please pray for the people donating their hair, the people shaving their heads, and of course, the cancer patients!  Also involved with this event will be a concert! Free to all! All donations going towards the Prager Fund. Interested in offering your talents? Please contact any member of SHYG. Message us, or find us. E-mail Melinda Lingenfelter at nh15.lingenfelterm@gmail.com for more information!You will also be able to buy raffle tickets to win a chance at shaving someone's head (more info coming soon)!Are you able to help out with this event by cutting and/or styling people's hair and/or shaving heads? Please let us know!This is going to be an incredible event with something for the whole family to do! From the young to the old (and especially the young at heart) there are activities the whole family can take part in!We hope to see you all there to support this amazing cause!                                                                                                                                     

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